William & Aleli Consite Video

An inspiration from Mayad Studios, both a fan and mine also. We shot a Mafia/Bonnie & Clyde type of AVP and combined Same Day Edit. We enjoyed shooting and the output on the event made everyone excited and laughing out loud. Congrats William And Ai...

Rites: St. Joseph Parish Church
Reception: Lantaka Hotel Roofdeck
Date: December 21, 2009
Photographer: Ms. April Arevalo (Manila)
Event Coordinator: Ever After Events Design by Al & Sam

Lyville + Marge Onsite Video

Lyville and Marge onsite or Same Day Edit was memorable for us. Along the shoot, we ran out of gas unexpectedly and the service wont start. Some of the grooms brother and friends help us out and were very thankful. We rushed through the reception and made it through with this simple video. What an experience... congrats to both of you..

Date: December 18, 2009
Venue: St. Joseph Parish Church/Garden Orchid Convention
Event Coordinator: Ever After Events by Al & Sam
Photographer: Light & Shade by Hockson Go (Cebu)

Mohammad & AJs AVP

A rush photoshoot all the way from Saudi... Mohammad which from Jordan and AJ from city of Zamboanga had a great time with the pre-shoot we made. Just in time for our new toy (glidetrack) is the best time for us to test and play with it. Setting was on Lantaka Hotel Poolside. Details of the wedding will upload soon. Thanks Al & Sam of Ever After...