Vince & Czarina Wedding

Vidallo - Genel Opening Billboard

Vince & Czarina Same Day Edit

Vince & Czarina Wedding
Astoria Regency,
St. Joseph Parish Church,
Zamboanga City

Coordinator: CMK Creations by Kelvin
Photo: Joe-Art Productions by Jouie & Jeryl
Sounds & Lights: Sure Audio Mobile

Hans & Jenny SDE

Hans & Jenny Post Wedding
Astoria Regency
Zamboanga City

Photo: Joe-Art Production
Coordinator: Robert Bondoc
Sounds & Lights: Sure Audio

Ibz & Mai SDE

Ibz & Mai Wedding
Marcian Garden Convention Center
Zamboanga City

Photo: C-Works

Timhar & Emelyn SDE

Timhar & Emelyn Wedding
Astoria Regency
Zamboanga City

Photos: Seed Interactive, Kerwin B & C-Works
Coordinator: Joe-Haris Kari Events & Events Styling
Flowers: Patti Mae
Sounds & Lights: Sure Audio Mobile

"hey thanks a lot. it would have been half successful without u around. congratulations to us. the plan was realized. mashaALLAH. Trebor Z Audiovisuals, thanks for the very nice vid. major antok kami during the shoot. but it did turned out well. i love all the moments captured. my personal fave was when we sat to watch the vid presentation and the first dance."

- Em Napii

Bojo & Sugar Same Day Edit

Bojo & Sugar Wedding
Astoria Regency
St. Joseph Church
Zamboanga City

Photo: Joe-Art Productions
Coordinator: Joe Harris Kari Events & Event Styling

Khaleq & Evie SDE

Khaleq & Evie Wedding
Astoria Regency
Zamboanga City